UnEarth, UnCover & Unleash.

Thieves Market

Mickey Is Served

Found this catalogue at the Thieves Market last weekend. Saw the cover underneath a pile of costume jewelry. Thought it was an old magazine. Like the graphics on the cover. Didn’t look too much into the details. Bought it after negotiating on the price.

Found out that the magazine was for a photography exhibition at the Opera Gallery. The show was scheduled for public viewing from 9th March 2012 onwards.

Found also some really nice stones at another stall. Thought they ( the magazine cover and the natural stone color ) match really well. The stones looks like pieces of abstract art.

Incidentally, the stall holder that sold me the stones has a 2-tail lizard. Its the same man with the lizard that I met sometime ago. Finally saw the second tail.


A Beauty Within

Found this at the Thieves Market yesterday evening just when it was about to close for the day. There was something about it that caught my attention. Thought she’s a beauty, at least in the eye of the creator.

Its made of real animal skull molded with hardened clay. It has a wooden shank coming out from the back of her head and a typical tobacco pipe bowl that emerged from her open mouth. With the head unscrewed from her body, there is another stick that sinks deep into her body. Looks very much like a water pipe.  Inside her mouth there are 2 rows of real teeth. Perhaps it was a small creature with ferocious teeth that forms the internal anatomy of this beauty.  The limbs are also formed with real bones.

Source unknown. Does not look like a mass production piece. The sword which she carries on her back is made out of a small knife. Etched with the words ” TRAMONTINA-Inox Stainless Brasil ” it all points towards Brazil as the country of origin. Unconfirmed.

In metallurgy, stainless steel, also known as inox steel or inox from French “inoxydable”, is defined as a steel alloy with a minimum of 10.5 or 11% chromium content by mass.

Tramontina has emerged as a leading manufacturer of house-ware products that are not only beautiful and functional but represent a very high-level of quality, craftsmanship, and value. The company began as a blacksmith business in the year 1911 in the country of Brazil. Today, Tramontina has Brazilian, US, and other global manufacturing capabilities.



Eagle Eye

Found this at the Thieves Market…thought it resembles an eagle eye.

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Stealing “PebbleRoti”

Its been 2 months now since I started ‘digging trash’ at the Thieves Market. I said then that this hobby could be addictive, I was right. Its becoming an obsession to search for things every now and then, more like every day it seems. Its like the race is on to discover as many stuffs as I could and with each new find, the urge to discover more just grew stronger.

The challenge of this whole affair is not just discovering and owning “new” stuffs but acquiring them at a price you felt proud of. The kick is more if you could buy them at a low low price, like what you may termed as a steal. There were of course be times when I felt silly after paying for something which I discovered later that the same items were cheaper elsewhere, sometimes just a few stalls away.

Anyway I won a few and lost a few too, among the many purchases I have made so far.  Sometimes I felt cheated while other times I felt triumphant.

Lately, not sure what got into me but my attention was drawn towards natural stones or pebbles, judging by the size of most that I have collected.  Today I felt good. With almost no bargaining effort put into it, I am the proud owner of a collector’s set of 8 really nice  stones or rocks or whatever you may call it.  They look really gorgeous and guess what?  I paid only 10 Singapore Dollars for it! Cool right?

2 Tails Lizard

Added more “iron” to the collection….a brass tray, a pair of solid silver ” letter-opener ” ( …I think ) and a black horse. Try guessing what the horse is made of?

Came across an interesting stall at the Thieves’ Market. The man had a live lizard in a clear acrylic box. The lizard had “2” tails. He told me its a special reptile meant to bring luck to the keeper. He said he was offered S$500 earlier and that there was one sold for thousands of dollars some time back. However he was not selling that lizard.

Not sure what to believe but the live lizard really had 2 tails. Luck or not, I would have bought over that lizard for that additional tail.