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HorseFly or HouseFly?

Another housefly on the back of a horse.  HorseFly to some.  Found this at a shop on Bussorah Street. The significance of this can be found here.


From Street To Street

Went on a weekend search yesterday with a friend who shares a common interest in collectibles.  Found out the he has a huge collection of souvenirs as memorabilia. From M&M dispensers, alarm clocks, pen holders, coca cola bottles, hardrock cafe glassware to pure silver coins and special currency notes. From my understanding, he had set for himself an unwritten guidelines to stay focus on a selected few, otherwise his collection could well bloated out to include a lot more. This hobby is relatively new for me and going through it over the last few weeks, I realized that one can easily get carried away. There is simply so much out there and most will easily catch your attention.  It can be very addictive but mange properly it should be a very interesting hobby, filled with surprises and most of the time brings back memories of the bygone era.

The weather was burning hot. We were both in our shorts and T’s and each of us was wearing our own cap. Did wish that we have sun-block applied though. Anyway we went from one street to another. At each location we both managed to find something we like.  I have mine uploaded onto this post…will try to get some pictures of his find to share with you…will have to ask first.

Besides the Old Balance Weigh that I found, I have also added the following into my collection:

1) OKI OKI ( wobbling away on youtube )

2) China-Man ( a collection of China’s Great Leaders and His People )

3) Another Once-Sunken Porcelain



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From Sunken Ship To Sinking Street

Sungei Road (literally River Road) is a road in Singapore situated between Serangoon Road and Jalan Besar and runs along theRochor Canal. The area around Sungei Road was formerly the homes of affluent Europeans and Asians, where many ornately designed buildings were built in its place.

From the 1930s to the present, the road has been synonymous with the Thieves’ Market, the largest and oldest flea market in Singapore, where the locals can hunt for old bric-a-brac or second-hand goods, as a cheap replacement for one’s faulty or lost item. It’s also the place where the well-known Sungei Road Laksa, a local spicy noodle soup originated. Sungei Road was also known as “Kek Sng Kio” in hokkien dialect or “结霜桥” in Chinese. The name was made in reference to the Singapore Ice Works which use to exist in the precinct.

Note Source : WikiPedia

I myself had made a number of trips lately in an attempt to build up some collection of old scrips, notes, stamps etc for another pet-project Scrip-O-Phily.  Over the last few weeks I collected anything from old china notes, airship stamps, really old postcards, mini-toy cars and a steel tiger.  In a recent trip I made, I came across a stall with pieces of old porcelain laid out on the floor. Examined a few of them and decided to add two into my collection. Could not fit that into Scrip-O-Phily and did not want to create another domain for this new acquisition.  Hence here it is…under UnEarth, an extension of what I had set out to do with the metal detecting hobby.

I was told that those pieces are from a sunken ship.  I had my doubt when I was looking around at the stall but a foreigner who had also acquired 2 other pieces told me they are real…genuine stuffs.

Then why “sinking street” ?  you may asked.  Before I left that stall, the stall holder told me that all the stalls will soon be relocated somewhere else.  The thieves market as it was commonly known long time ago, will once again be turning another page in history.  The date has been set on 25 July 2o11.  After this date things may not be the same.  So go visit if you can….before it sinks into oblivion.

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